I make retro-styled video games designed with a sort of 80's arcade, console and home computer look and feel. So, if you enjoy playing old retro games you may find something of interest here.


Planet Earth is in a  right mess, and the Ovisarian Empire has had enough of it. So, you've been sent to Earth in your UFO to abduct as many sheep as you can and free them from the tyrannical human race. The problem is that the human's aren't too happy with you taking away their source of lamb chops, so you best be prepared for battle!

UFO is a Defender inspired 2d action arcade game where you play the role of a flying saucer that has to capture sheep, rescue fellow aliens and avoid being destroyed by the foolish Earthlings!

Asteroid Mining Company

Asteroid Mining Company is a 2d arcade shooter prototype demo based on Asteroids.

In the game you play an employee of the Asteroid Mining Company, and your job is to collect ore from asteroids that you blast with the drilling laser on your Mk IX mining drones. Unfortunately your presence in the asteroid field has attracted the attention of aliens.

The aim of the game is to clear each section of the asteroid field by blasting the rocks and collecting the ore. Each zone you clear moves you further into  denser areas of the asteroid field. Some of the asteroids release chemical elements that you can collect that have different effects on your ship, like adding a shield, boosting your engines and laser or replenishing your fuel.

This game is a prototype demo of an idea I had for a bigger project that I've been unable to complete due to other priorities, but I may go back to it and turn it into a bigger game eventually. If you liked it and would like to see it expanded upon, drop a comment below or contact me on Twitter @PeteUplink.


You are under attack! Blastoids have destroyed your planet and you are the only survivor. Now you must destroy the alien menace and save the galaxy!

BlasterMax is a 2d arcade shooter loosely based on arcade games like Galaga and Galaxian.

Hyper-Galactic Spiders from Mars

Hyper-Galactic Spiders from Mars is an Atari 2600 inspired 2d shooter. In the game you play the part of an astronaut who has been living in a colony on Mars growing your own food and storing it in huge silos. Everything was going fine until you were suddenly attacked by mutant spiders from the Martian desert.

You sent a distress signal and you'll be rescued in 10 days. But the spiders are after your food, and there's also mutant wasps and Martian patrols to worry about. So, can you survive long enough for the rescue ship to arrive?


Retr0ids is a 32 level, 2d, retro-styled shoot-em-up. It's sort of a mash-up of Asteroids and Robotron done in a pseudo-8bit style that's a little reminiscent of the BBC Model B but with more colours and better visual effects.

Shoot enemy Retr0ids to clear the level and move on to the next. Some Retr0ids split into smaller ones when shot. There are also robots and other enemies to combat. Can you beat the high score and complete all the waves?

UTS-187: Uniform Tango Sierra

Shoot enemy tanks and helicopers to reach the end of the level before your fuel and ammo run out.

UTS-187 is a 2d, retro-styled shoot-em-up. It's partly based on the old game River Raid but with tanks instead of aircraft.

This game is a short 4 level prototype, originally released in 2014 as part of Desura's Freedom Friday promotion. If people want to see more I may expand upon it.