Wednesday, 10 June 2020

New game! It's those pesky aliens again!

Today marks the official "rebranding" of ACOB into a more alien/scifi/UFO style, and what better way to make this than with the release of my latest game?

Crater Base sees you play as the commander of a space colony on a remote asteroid in the Xyzaxia system. You've been here for five years without incident, but suddenly the Xyzaxians have decided that they don't want you around anymore and are determined to wipe you out.

The gameplay is heavily inspired by Missile Command, and you have to move your target around the screen to fire missiles that will explode in just the right place to destroy the approaching alien menace. At the bottom of the screen are six habitats that you must defend, as well as your main base and a rover that collects energy cubes that are dropped by destroyed aliens that replenish your stockpile of missiles.

Now on to the alien/scifi/UFO style "rebrand". I'm starting slowly with this, but the main changes you'll see at the moment are a slightly tweaked background for the blog and the addition of some alien text below the ACOB logo at the top (I may even change the logo design, but I've not really figured out what I want to do with it yet). I'm going to be using this text to display occasional cryptic messages from our "Alien Overlords" who will be making their presence known in future games. Rest assured that we are being observed!

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