Thursday, 7 November 2019

I'm back on the game dev!

I had fun writing the last few blog posts and giving my thoughts on a few things, but I think it's time I went back to making games rather than talking about them. 

As UFO is still on hold (there's a big problem I need to fix, but my mind just isn't in the right place for solving it at the moment), I decided to dust off an older game and give it a bit of a makeover. Well, when I say makeover, I mean recreate the whole thing from scratch, as I no longer have the source code for it.

The original Retr0ids is a pseudo-8bit styled game that was designed to look a bit like it ran on a BBC model B, but one with much more capability that the real machine ever had. It's a 38 level shoot-em-up that tries to combine elements of Asteroids and Robotron. So far it's been my most successful game, so I thought I'd do a remake/sequel.

The new game is Super Retr0ids Ultra XD, and it's designed around the idea of what might happen if the developer of the original 8bit game got himself a 16bit machine and made a sequel, but with a few extra visual touches of my own. As you can see from the screenshots from the original game and a work in progress image of the new game, the visuals are getting a major reworking with more detailed sprites. I'm also going to be adding some new enemies as well.


Super Retr0ids Ultra XD

The graphics design is sort of reminiscent of an Amiga game, but I'm sneaking in a much larger colour palette and screen resolution. I'm also aiming to do away with the square Retr0ids and make them all round.

Anyway, that's it for this post. I've made some pretty nice progress already, so I should hopefully have some more to share soon.

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