Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Aaaand.... relax.

Anyone who's been following this blog for a while will have noticed that I've gone through quite a few ups and downs in the last few years. I won't go into details here, as it's all melodramatic (this isn't Eastenders), and I don't want to bore you. All I will say is that the stuff that's been going wrong has been having a very negative effect on my games development. Just recently, though, I think I've started to find a process that works.

Just recently I've been following what Jeff Minter is doing with his games. As I've been watching what his process is, I've seen that he seems to enjoy putting some music on and this helps set up a nice place for him to sit down and get on with coding his games. I've been doing this myself over the last few days, I've even been borrowing some of Jeff's listening choices that he's been sharing on Twitter, and so far it's having a nice effect.

Having the music on is helping me to take my time over the stuff I'm working on and preventing me from rushing to get stuff finished. This is enabling me to just sit back, enjoy the ride and not get all bent out of shape when I encounter a problem. It really is quite therapeutic.

As an example, I'm adding a new enemy into the game. This enemy is called a Catcher, and it's main purpose is to appear randomly at intervals in the later levels to steal your sheep. It's been quite an endeavour to get the behaviour of this enemy to be right, and in the past I might have fudged it a little to get it working sort of right, but this time, with the aid of the music, I was able to sit down and patiently work on it. It's taken me a couple of days so far, and normally I'd be climbing the walls by now wanting to get on with something else, but the musical chill-pill and a more relaxed attitude to the whole games development thing is really helping.

For the first time in ages I'm actually enjoying creating games. In the past I was getting a bit too wound up that games were taking too long, or people weren't playing them, or I wasn't getting any feedback from the people who do, or that I wanted to turn this into a proper business but certain things are preventing me from doing that... but, you know what? None of that matters!

The main thing that matters is enjoying what I'm doing, and that's the main thing that's been missing from my games development. I've been treating it more like a task, a chore, instead of going with the flow and not letting things stress me out.

In the last week UFO has come on quite well. The game is much more playable than it was and I'm getting on with creating new enemies for the later levels. The main thing to work on after that is the difficulty transition from a fairly easy first level to the later more intense levels. I've also spent a little time working on Retr0ids Ultra XD, but I'm in no rush with that one.

So, yeah! Put some music on and chill, and you'll find the whole process a lot nicer! Thanks, Jeff!

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