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Saturday, 26 January 2019

BlasterMax is released!

My latest game BlasterMax is available for download on The game is a 2d retro-styled arcade shooter loosely based on games like Galaxian and Galaga. Blastoids have destroyed your planet and you are the only survivor. Now you must destroy the alien menace and save the galaxy!

You can download the game for Windows from the widget below. I;m aiming to have an HTML5 version for non-Windows users to play in their browser, but the code needs some changes before I do that to fix a few small bugs that sneak in when I use the HTML5 exporter, so it'll be a little while off.

A quick update:

Things have been a bit quiet around here recently because I'm still busy caring for my mother who is recovering from a breast cancer operation. Further to this, she may need to go for chemo or radio therapy as a follow up to make sure that the cancer has been completely removed. This means that games development is on the back burner for the foreseeable future, so updates will be a bit slow. I'm still tinkering with "UFO" and I've started some early work on "Pumpkin Patch", but my time for gamedev is limited due to the current situation, and what free time I do have is being spent on winding down after a busy day. This is also the reason why I've not been doing any live streams.

Things should hopefully be back to normal soon. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

A very short update!

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog these past two weeks, so I thought I'd better make a post and update everyone as to what's going on.

I've put games development on hold for a while because I'm currently caring for my mother who is recovering from a breast cancer operation. I'm hoping to get back to working on the games soon, but it may be a few weeks before I'm back.

BlasterMax is still sitting waiting for release, but I want to do a final bug test and quality check on it first. I'm still aiming to have it released very soon, but we're probably looking at February at the earliest.

The next game after BlasterMax will be UFO. After this I'm going to start working on a platform adventure game called Pumpkin Patch.

That's it for now. I'll post something else when I have a bit more progress to report.