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Saturday, 15 December 2018

BlasterMax is done and a new project is underway! - Games development update 15/12/2018

The first bit of news this week is that BlasterMax is completed and should be available for download from in the first week of January 2019. I'm holding the release back to next year as I want to play test it again in a week or two before I release it.

The second bit of news this weeks is that I've already started working on my next game! This new game is a Defender-like game where the player controls a UFO that has to abduct humans, sheep and cows while avoiding the airforce and army who have sent planes, helicopters and tanks out to stop you. The game is very early in development, and I've had a few Game Maker Studio induced problems with it that almost caused me to drop development, but the problems are now fixed so I can get on with developing the gameplay. Below is a short .GIF of what I have so far.

And the final bit of news this week is that I'm starting a Discord server for my games development. The idea is to eventually replace my Facebook page with it so that it's easier for people to interact with my games development and send me feedback or suggestions on what they'd like to see in my games.  It's also a place to have a chat about retro games or anything you want!

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Click the image to go to my new Discord server!

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