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Saturday, 22 December 2018

UFO progress report - Games development update 22/12/2018

Only a short dev diary update today as preparations for Christmas are taking up a lot of my time. It's only a text update again this week, and I'll do get back to video updates in the new year.

As you can see from the image above, the game is taking shape quite nicely. I've been struggling a little bit with getting the AI movement to work independently of the scroll, because I couldn't figure out how to get this working with GMS2's built in cameras and views system, so I took the route of making the player object essentially stationary in the main view and having everything thing else's movement controlled by a velocity variable that's controlled by the players keyboard inputs.

I'm currently working on adding some more enemies to the game, but work is a bit slow at the moment, but I should be able to jump back into it properly once Christmas is out of the way.

There probably won't be any live stream until new year.

And finally! If you want to join the ACOB online community, you can do so by accepthing this invite to the Discord server.

That's it for now! Sorry it's a bit rushed, and I'll see you all in 2019.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

BlasterMax is done and a new project is underway! - Games development update 15/12/2018

The first bit of news this week is that BlasterMax is completed and should be available for download from in the first week of January 2019. I'm holding the release back to next year as I want to play test it again in a week or two before I release it.

The second bit of news this weeks is that I've already started working on my next game! This new game is a Defender-like game where the player controls a UFO that has to abduct humans, sheep and cows while avoiding the airforce and army who have sent planes, helicopters and tanks out to stop you. The game is very early in development, and I've had a few Game Maker Studio induced problems with it that almost caused me to drop development, but the problems are now fixed so I can get on with developing the gameplay. Below is a short .GIF of what I have so far.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Almost Done! - Games development update 08/12/2018

BlasterMax is almost complete! 

All of the levels, enemies and bosses are in place, and the only thing that needs to be done is some play testing to find out where I need to tweak the difficulty curve and if any sneaky bugs have escaped my notice.

I've added gamepad controls to the game. Instead of adding an options menu, I decided to have the game ask the player if they have a gamepad at the start and if they would like to run the game in full screen or windowed.

I've put the ground levels in starting at level 5. These add a new gun enemy that tracks the players position and fires a bullet. This is one of the things that might require a bit of fixing when I start play testing next week.

To give the game a sort of coin-op arcade feel, I've added in a coin pick-up that spawns randomly. The player collects the coin and it adds 1 extra turn to the game, allowing the player to continue from the start of the last level they died on with full lives and their current score. It's meant to be similar to the player putting another coin in the slot to get an extra go in the arcades.

The game now has some scenario text that appears on the title screen after around 30 seconds, and it has a scorecard that displays the enemies and all of the points you get for destroying them. The game also has an end game screen that is displayed if the player makes it to the last level and defeats the final boss.

Okay, that's it for this week, I'll leave you with the dev vlog.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Game Maker Studio problems - Games development update 01/12/2018

BlasterMax 80's retro inspired title screen

Games development this week has been a little on the slow side due to some annoying issues with GMS2 and some real life problems.

The GMS2 problems were caused by an object that starts the level running itself multiple times. This was causing there to be multiple copies of the player instance overlaid one on top of the other at the start of the game. Because they were all created in the same place it looked like there was only one object, but everything this object did was multiplied by the amount of copies that were created. A simple thing like firing a bullet resulted in multiple instances of the bullet being created, so that when the bullets collided with an enemy only the top bullet was destroyed. This made it look like the bullet was passing straight through the enemy without being destroyed on collision. It was a few odd issue, and the only way to fix it was to delete the start game object and recreate it using the exact same code. Since the object is exactly the same as the previous one and uses exactly the same code, I'm at a loss as to why the object was misbehaving in the first place and why replacing it with an identical object has fixed it... I've reported it as a bug to Yoyo Games support.

The real life problems this week have been caused by multiple trips to the hospital. My mother is currently unwell, and I have to take her to the hospital for treatment leading up to an operation on the 27th of December. All the trips to and from the hospital have left me feeling a bit tired, so I've not been working on the game as much as I would like to. This is also the reason why I've not been doing many live streams this week. I'm hoping to do three live streams next week, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but my mother's health takes priority over any games development, so this schedule may change.

That's it for this week. I'll leave you with the Dev Vlog for this week, which contains a bit more about what I've tried to do with the game since the last update.