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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Games development update 03/11/2018

I started the games development live stream last week with the aim being to run it like a tutorial series for newcomers to learn the basics of making 2d retro games in Game Maker Studio using GML. It's going well, but I don't think I'm very good at explaining things properly, so I'm going to change the format slightly by still steaming development and trying to talk through the process, so people can follow along, but without the added pressure of trying to pace it like a tutorial. This is mainly because I'm finding it a bit hard to be on camera, coding and talking about what I'm doing all at the same time, and also because I'm probably skipping over stuff and making it a bit hard for beginners to follow.

So, what's the current state of the game so far? Well, I've compiled a playlist of all of this weeks dev streams that takes you through the processes of starting with a blank canvas and getting things working. The game currently has one proper stage with a boss that spawns at the end of that stage.

Level 1 boss
On the first level the player has to destroy 10 enemies, not counting asteroids, and that triggers the boss encounter to end the level. After that the kill total rises by 5 each level until the player hits level 10 where the final boss appears. Once the final boss is defeated the game will end.

My biggest priority at the moment is getting all the enemies and bosses built and moving around, then I'm going to get to work on the level progression so that the game gets slightly more difficult each level. I basically want to add a modifier to the enemy speed variable that increases by a small amount each level. I'll get on with this when I'm back on stream on Monday.

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