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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Games development update 10/11/2018

There are no video dev diaries for this week as I wasn't really able to spend much time on Twitch. I did, however, manage to do some development on BlasterMax and here's this weeks update:

Boss sprite being created
The game now has three bosses with different behavior for each one. The first boss moves left and right while firing at the player, the second boss moves and fires the same as the first but creates a shield between itself and the player to prevent you from shooting it, and the third has the same movement but is backed up by two circular enemies that take turns attacking the player. All three bosses currently have the same sprite, but I'm working on making each one look different.

I've now got the level progression working properly, with the game starting with the red enemies on level 1, red and blue on level 2 and red, blue and yellow on level 3. There are also a UFO enemy and a bomber enemy that appear randomly starting from level 2.

I want to add more sound effects to the game so that different enemies have a different sound when shot. This is a fairly easy process to complete and I'll probably get onto sorting this out next week.

I also want to add some ground levels at some point. This is only an idea at this point, so it's not a definite addition yet, but I've laid out some ideas for ground based enemies, tanks and gun turrets, that I can look at including on later levels.

The schedule for next week is to do three games development live streams on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These will be at the usual time of 1pm until 3pm UK time. I may also look to add some evening streams, as I've now got a desk mic that allows me to stream while not wearing my headset, so I can now hear if I'm needed elsewhere. The only drawback of the desk mic is my mechanical keyboard is quite loud and it sounds like it's feeding off the suffering of human souls when I type, so I may have to look at getting a quieter keyboard.

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