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Friday, 15 September 2017

Hyper-Galactic Spiders from Mars - Update

It's been a while since I posted anything about HGSFM, so here's the latest dev update for the game. I took a break from working on this to concentrate on music. But the music is on hold for a little while.

As you can see from the animated .gif above, the game is looking a bit different to its original version a few months ago (you can see a screenshot of this in the post below). The game now has all 10 levels, which works out at 40 stages with each level split into day, evening, night and morning.

I've included randomly spawned meteors, that are inspired by the missiles from Missile Command, and an appropriate mushroom cloud explosion for when they impact. If one of these hits a silo, it's a goner! Luckily, though, they can be shot down before they reach the ground.

There are now 5 main enemy types in the game. We have a standard blue spider that descends on it's web and bites your silos to get at the food inside. We have a black spider that shoots a "spider bomb" downwards from it's web before retreating. We have a red spider which is similar to the blue spider, except it moves quicker and consumes more food. We have a blue wasp that moves towards the player and fires lasers from it's stinger. And, finally, we have a red wasp that is a faster and more aggressive version of the blue wasp. As a bonus enemy we also have a random Martian UFO that wanders into the levels and attacks everything. You, your silos and the spiders and wasps. The Martians are on nobody's side, they just want some peace and quiet!

The only things I really need to do with the game at this point are add a win screen animation and tweak the difficulty curve. Once those two things are done, the game can be released.

Friday, 8 September 2017

A Collection of Bits is back!

It's back to games for this site. Music was fun, but I think that particular chapter is over, for now. I'm going to quietly start working away on "Spiders" again.