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Saturday, 13 October 2018

The Live Experiment: Week Three

This weeks Live Experiment has been one of evolution. I decided last weekend give the project a proper name, but was told that I'd probably get in a bit of bother using the name "The Twitch Experiment", so I settled on "The Live Experiment" instead.

I figured that it would a good idea to give the thing a proper identity, so I went about designing some new intro graphics and improving the general feel of it to fit in with the 2 hour live vidcast format. I've since done a little more tweaking and have a slightly altered version of the intro lined up for next weeks streams.

So, how do I think it went? Well, I wasn't able to stream on Monday, but Tuesdays cast was a fairly laid back affair where I played a bit of American Truck Simulator using the new Oregon DLC pack. Overall it was a fairly uneventful stream. Just me on my own with a truck sim, really.

Wednesday was back to the regular Elite Dangerous live stream. As usual this game tends to bring in the viewers, both good and bad. I had a feeling that playing in open was going to bring out the local in-game pirates, and I wasn't disappointed. The thing is, the more these people watch me, hoping to use my stream to hunt me down, the higher my viewer count goes and the closer I get to becoming a Twitch affiliate. So, it's definitely a win, win situation for me. One thing I have learned from streaming this game is some people take it far, far too seriously.

Thursday was the regular retro gaming slot. I don't think it went as well as the previous week, mainly because I wasn't playing particularly well, and I think the first game put off a lot of potential viewers. Beach Head II is sadly not as good as I remember it. People were dropping in, but not staying very long. It wasn't until I started playing more interesting stuff that people hung around and joined in. it probably didn't help that I completely butchered the Blue Max play-through.


And finally, for all of you that are more interested in the games development side of what I do, the gamedev live stream went out on Friday. I'm enjoying doing this one as it gives me a couple of hours set aside each week to sit down and work on something, so this is definitely going to be a regular feature of the stream. The stream was part two of my recreation of Blastermax, a game that I originally created on the C64 when I was 12 years old. I make a few silly errors, due to not yet being used to developing, thinking and streaming all at the same time, but I manage to get through quite a nice chunk of the game and it's starting to actually look like something I'd want to play. it's still very early in development, though, as I need to add in more enemy types, effects, a high score system, music, etc...

As always, the streams for this week are collected into a playlist that I've embedded below:

As always the emphasis for me is improving myself as a presenter. I'm still having a bit of difficulty eliminating the "ermmm's", "ummm's" and "arrrrr's" from my delivery, but I'm working on it. I usually find that if it's a subject that I'm interested in, I can talk about it quite easily, but filling in dead air and having to improvise causes me a few issues still.

So, that's it for this week. I'll be back live on Tuesday with Two Point Hospital.

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