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Friday, 28 September 2018

A small "re-branding", Twitch and some games development

As long-time readers of this blog might remember, I got rather excited about my new YouTube and Twitch channel a couple of weeks ago. As you can read below, the YouTube channel was going to be Dungeons and Dragons focused and I was going to back this up with Twitch live streams three times a week. This all came about because I was working on the game Tiny Dungeon, and it was going well, but I ran into a bit of a problem... I was running out of interesting games to play.

I quickly realised that I'd limited myself to what I could and couldn't play by sticking dogmatically to only playing games based on DnD or Warhammer, so I decided that a change was in order. With this in mind, I decided to re-brand the Twitch under my own PeteUplink user name (a name I've used for almost 20 years and I may tell the story of it one day) and link it up with this blog by using a slightly redesigned version of the ACOB logo. I also deleted the Hopeless Adventurer YouTube channel and moved everything back to my regular one.

So, with all this done, this is the new approach I'll be taking with the live streams:

I'll be going live each weekday between 1pm and 3pm and each stream will be 2 hours long with a short break at the 1 hour mark so I can give my mother her medication, and the focus behind each stream will be on my development as a streaming presenter to enable me to improve my skills at hosting, reacting to chat and talking to the camera when broadcasting to low numbers. I'm sort of approaching this from the point of view of a radio DJ, I've turned off the viewer count, so I have no idea if anyone is watching, but I'm going to continue commentating and offering thoughts and opinions on the games I'm playing as if I am being watched. This is where my skills as an actor may come in handy! The streams will be uploaded to YouTube every day and collected together under weekly playlists that I'll share to this blog, with a short post on my thoughts and how I think I did, every Saturday.

So, what about games development? I'm still working on it, and it's still something I want to do. It may even be something that I incorporate into the live streams at some point, so long as I can make watching a bloke sitting at a PC and typing code while swearing at it and screaming things like "Why the F isn't this bloody thing working?!" somewhat entertaining. I'm still playing with Tiny Dungeon as more of an experimental thing to test new ideas at the moment, and I've also got a couple of ideas on paper for something new, so you'll definitely be seeing something new from me on the games front soon-ish.

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